Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GoGrid command Line tool

GoGrid has a command line tool called cloudcontrol. I replicated most of the features in a script called gogrid in cloudwizard/bin. I did not bother with some of the load balancer features. I did add a nice ssh feature.

gogrid -c ssh --id IdOfServer
will find the password and give you a commandline direct to the server.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Adding GoGrid

I added the GoGrid API over the weekend. It was very simple. It only covers the compute portion. I could not get the storage function to work.

There were a few confusing things like the IP interface. If I start a server, why doesn't it just use the first unassigned IP? I am guessing that the API did not want to guess whether you wanted a public or private IP. I added that functionality with a public default.

There is a goofy thing with the API. Each server can be identified with a name or an Id. The name is not required to be unique but they do not issue an Id until the server is completely up.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why Cloud Wizard?

The biggest annoyance with Open Source software is the time it takes to install. Much of it is poorly documented and tested. I might download a package and find that it conflicts with something I need. It might take 3 hours to uninstall the application.

One of the big reasons I wrote Cloud Wizard as a command line language was that I wanted to be able to exchange scripts. I thought that an Open Source author could write one script that could be copied off the web page. I would run that script against any compute cloud like Amazon. I would test a fully configured system for an hour and pay amazon 10 cents.

Just not worrying about the problem of uninstalling would be worth 10 cents. If the system could be started fully configured, that would just be a bonus.