Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is Cloud the new DotCom?

I saw the title of this article on Elastic Vapor. It is interesting because I have presented at 1 cloud meeting and attended 2 others in the last 7 days. I was at the meeting where Reuven is mocking George Zachary.

Any industry that has 3 meetings within 7 days has far too high a level of froth. Is Cloud Computing the next DotCom? Of course it is. There are too many conferences and companies being formed for most of them not to tank.

There were many big companies that came out of the DotCom era like Ebay, Yahoo, Amazon, Expedia, etc. There were many that died like Webvan. The first Platform as a Service play has already died. Coghead has already gone bankrupt.

There are far too many Software as a Service plays being started up. How many online CRM systems does the world need?

Cloud Computing is real. I believe that it will be bigger than the first Internet wave. Cloud Computing is the next huge opportunity and the next crash all rolled into one.

Cloud Computing is an enabling technology. It lets startups build companies faster. It also let's them die faster. No data center to break down and sell on Ebay. The company stops paying it's compute bill and the data vanishes. Like a cloud. :)

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