Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To Open Source or not to Open Source

I was plugging away on an  idea for a cloud control panel.  It would be easy to use and inexpensive with some cool new features.  Eventually it would handle multiple clouds but initially I was working on Amazon.  

One of key features was a easy to use scripting language.  I based the language on python.  If I hid the imports, no python knowledge would be necessary.  After I got it working, I had a tragic realization.  I made it too easy.  I had created a cross cloud scripting system that any decent python programmer could reproduce.  The hard part was the analysis which I had done.

I might as well make it open source so other people could add more clouds to it.  As soon as I get my Amazon ids out of all the code, I will be releasing it under the new BSD license.  

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